Dew Point Remote Receiver


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Remote Receiver for Dew Point Ventilation Controller

Used for connecting Ambientika ventilators to the Dew Point Ventilation Controller while avoiding extra wiring.

Remote Receiver utilises any available power socket outlet in the vicinity of the ventilator’s desired location.
The power supply to the ventilator can then be run from the Remote Receiver in the vicinity, not all the way from the Dew Point Ventilation Controller.
When the Remote Receiver is plugged in, it wirelessly communicates with the Dew Point Ventilation Controller and enables the connection of the Dew Point Ventilation Controller with the ventilator, eliminating the need to run the long-distance supply cables.
Multiple Remote Receivers can communicate with one Dew Point Ventilation Controller. A typical setup would be for each Remote Receiver to control one ventilator.

Remote Receiver is equipped with an EU plug and comes with EU-UK adapter included.

Installing a de-humidification setup becomes easier with Dew Point Remote Receivers.


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