Dew Point Ventilation Controller


Wired or wireless sensors included
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Dew Point Ventilation Controller for de-humidification

The Dew Point Controller is used for enabling automatic ventilation of high-humidity areas (eg. basements, etc) or where constant temperatures are preferred (wine cellars, etc.)
It is extremely effective when working with Ambientika Solo+ ventilators (up to 10 units can be connected to the controller) – and the system can cover an area of 30m².
Dew Point Controller determines the optimal ventilation schedule, utilising two precision sensors measuring temperature and humidity both indoors and outdoors. The controller then automatically operates the ventilators to sufficiently de-humidify the area.

The Dew Point Controller can also communicate via Wi-Fi and it is delivered with a dedicated App access.


The wired version includes two sensors with cables (10m cable attached to each sensor). The wireless version includes two wireless sensors with AA batteries – to be connected via the local network (Wi-Fi).

Typically, the power supply to the ventilators would run from the Dew Point Ventilation Controller. To aid the installation process, Remote Receiver (sold separately) can be used to power up an Ambientika ventilator without the need to run power supply cables to it all the way from the Dew Point Ventilation Controller.


Dew Point Ventilation Controller is equipped with an EU plug and comes with EU-UK adapter included.


Optionally available:

  • Remote receiver (Wi-Fi not required to operate). Eliminates the need for extra wiring when used to control the power supply to the ventilators via radio
  • Time Delay Module. Optimises cross-ventilation effect when used to stagger operating times of every second ventilator in the system by introducing a time delay between them.

Programmable settings:

  • minimum temperature
  • maximum temperature
  • ventilation time
  • ventilation interval
  • phase offset
  • minimum humidity
  • digital lock
  • operation time


Optimal settings:

  • minimum temperature: 12° C
  • maximum temperature: 25° C
  • ventilation time: 30 minutes
  • ventilation interval: 20 minutes
  • phase offset: 1.0
  • digital lock: Off
  • operation time: 00:00 to 23:59


Recommended accessories: Remote Receiver (sold separately)

Remote Receiver utilises any available power socket outlet in the vicinity of the ventilator’s desired location. Once plugged in, it enables the connection of the Dew Point Ventilation Controller to the ventilator, eliminating the need to run the supply cables.
Multiple Remote Receivers can be connected to one Dew Point Ventilation Controller. A typical setup would be for each Remote Receiver to control one ventilator.



Dew Point Controller App

The app evaluates humidity levels as well as indoor and outdoor temperatures using statistics. Viewing the event timeline in real-time, it is easy to observe when and for how long each device is operating.

The App is available here: Lüftungs App  (currently, the English version is under construction).
The App is a modern PWA, (Progressive Web App), which means it can be accessed on the website and also downloaded and installed like a traditional app (connecting to the local Wi-Fi network):

  • using Chrome browser on Android and Windows devices;
  • using Safari browser on iOS devices.


Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 32 × 23 × 11 cm
Sensors connection type

wired sensors, wireless sensors

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