Negative Air Pressure Monitor


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Negative Air Pressure Monitor is a device monitoring and controlling Ambientika ventilation systems.

A typical (room-air dependent) fireplace draws all or part of the required combustion air from the room in which it is installed (and possibly from adjacent rooms, too).
A potentially dangerous situation might occur when a ventilation system or a cooker extractor fan is also operated. By continuously drawing in air, these devices can create negative air pressure that can turn the fireplace’s airflow direction.
If the negative air pressure is strong enough, the toxic combustion gases are no longer vented through the chimney but may instead escape into the room. This can lead to serious illness or even fatal carbon monoxide poisoning.
The risk can be reduced by making the fireplace independent of ambient air. However, this may not always be practical because of the structural restrictions on many fireplaces and tiled stoves.

The Negative Air Pressure Monitor provides a solution that safeguards your well-being. When it detects an emergency, it responds and disconnects the ventilation system.
Once the Ambientika master unit is disconnected from the power supply via the monitor’s switch, the slave units automatically stop operating, too.


The following conditions must be met for pressure-neutral operation:

  • An even number of Ambientika ventilators in the environment of the wood-burning stove
  • Sufficient air passage between the relevant rooms: (5mm-10mm gap at the base of the door or an equivalent measure)
  • A correct installation and setup that ensures synchronous operation of Ambientika devices


  • Negative Air Pressure Monitor
  • 5V plug-in power supply (EU plug)
  • EU-UK adapter
  • Measurement intake tubing (2m long) with outdoor cover fitting.
    If indoor tubing is also required (in case the Monitor is positioned outside of the room where the measurements need to be taken), the supplied tubing should be cut in two as required.


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