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Bespoke decorative solutions

Here, at UK Decor, we are proud to be at the forefront of a new generation of professionals, specialising in applying a bold new range of stunning decorative effects.

We have combined the best of the best of leading European manufacturers’ products and decided to stack them up against each other for your benefit. Our primary goal is to find creative solutions for our customers that fit into their home interior, saving up on costs and bringing about the desired decorative effects.

Travertine Plaster

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Home Decor at its best!

Stucco and polished plaster

Polished plasters create fashionable and distinguished surfaces. They can complement antique as well as modern interiors.

The natural minerals used in the process are always classy and eco-friendly.

Wallpapering and Cotton Plaster

Wallpapers are a classic solution, and yet we are able to take them to a whole new dimension. By using textured fibreglass wallpaper (Toile de Verre), we achieve incredible durability, on top of timeless beauty.

Japanese Liquid Wallpaper (Japanese Render or Cotton Plaster) is also available.

Textured coatings and effects

Every time we use one of the textured coatings to finish the wall, we achieve a unique product. The very nature of the hand-applied finish ensures you end up with a one-of-a-kind marvel.

We can also mix different products to create something truly unique.

Eco painting

We strongly encourage the use of paints with minimal or no VOC (volatile organic compound).

In practice, it means using more water-based products and considering brands like Earthborn or Johnstone’s, among others.

Please check for the Ecolabel seal on the tin.

Decor Templates - mix the effects, free your creativity!

This is a very clever way to improve the aesthetics of a surface.

The templates can be used on smooth walls as well as on some decorative textures, highlighting the effect even further.

Please take a look at some of the available templates below.

Template mixed Decorative effects - Uk Decor LTD
Template Magnat

Magnat Templates

Template Unicell

Unicell Templates

Due to Brexit, some products will be discontinued upon exhausting the stock – please enquire about availability.

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