The Ambientika single room heat recovery ventilator combines cutting-edge technologies with an extraordinary simplicity of assembly and extremely low power consumption.

Multiple units can be connected to form a decentralised whole-house system – all without running extensive and costly ductwork. When connected, they can be specifically coupled together to work in tandem, forcing desired airflow – enabling a cooling effect when desired.
Depending on the layout of the house, all, or most of the house can be reliably and efficiently ventilated using our Ambientika range recuperators. 

Unlike our competitors, our unique design allows for the placement of the motor behind the ceramic heat exchanger, further reducing the noise indoors. 


Our fans are equipped with heat exchangers, which transfer the thermal energy of the extracted, stale air to the incoming fresh air. This allows for recovering up to 93% of the heat, the highest indicator on the market.


Proper ventilation is a key aspect of maintaining a healthy building structure, therefore investing in a high-quality system makes financial sense. 
Reducing high air humidity prevents the formation of mould in a building structure thus extending the life span of various components of the building.

With up to 93% heat recovery, our products are amongst the most efficient in the market. When using our products, your building’s energy efficiency will increase significantly. 
Around half of the cost of heating can be lost through ventilation. 
Our products retrieve the heat while supplying fresh air to the property, conserving 30% - 50% of the energy, depending on the building.

Ambientika range is reliable and thanks to a brushless motor, it is long-lasting. 
The devices are designed for effortless operation. The auto setting ensures optimal air exchange with minimal heat loss. 
The ongoing maintenance is minimal – only a periodic quick filter clean is required to keep it in top condition. 
Your sense of well-being is reinforced by the extraction of various smells (like cooking odours, or nicotine smell) while retaining the heat.

A supply of fresh air is important for your health. Our range of filters further helps to minimise the detrimental effects of hay fever and allergies to pollen. 
A decentralised single-room heat recovery ventilation system with a pollen filter can provide considerable relief for allergy sufferers in the pollen season. People who suffer from hay fever would benefit from using our recuperators with relevant filters and keeping the windows closed. 

More importantly, Ambientika ventilators can act as room air purifiers, decreasing concentration of airborne viruses in the air. 

Also, our ventilators drastically reduce the possibility of mould forming in your house. 

Lastly, you can enjoy the constant fresh air while keeping away the insects (you can keep your windows closed). 

Just take a look at the Ambientika range - the classy design is unrivalled. 
A discreet front cover opens slightly at the top, enabling the operation. A stylish logo reinforces its gentle curves. Let’s face it, no other products come even close. 

It is now finally possible to firmly shut your windows on your way to work and still come back home to well-aired surroundings. 
No more risking it with partially opened windows while you’re away, no more worrying. 
Be safe, install Ambientika and enjoy fresh air throughout your home!

Our units come with a comprehensive, 2-year warranty period for your peace of mind. 


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