Wallpaper and Cotton Plaster

Fibreglass Wallpaper
(Toile de Verre)

Fibreglass wallpaper is ideal where durability is required.

Its decorative textures (Fine Sack; Coarse Sack, Herringbone) are a bonus.

It is anti-static and anti-allergic, non-flammable and resistant to abrasion.

Ideal for covering any problem walls, prone to cracking.

The wallpaper is usually painted over.

Fibreglass Wallpaper

Cotton Plaster
(Japanese Render or
Liquid Wallpaper)

The finish may have many names but essentially it is a blend of cotton fibres and minerals with some additives.

It can be applied to the walls and ceilings creating very distinctive/cosy surfaces.

It is also ideal to mask any wall cracks in problem areas.

Additional benefits include improved acoustics, making it a great choice for home cinema rooms or living room areas.

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