EPS casing for PVC tube


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EPS casing can make the installation of Ambientika easier.

Instead of drilling the hole in the wall, EPS casing can be fitted into it. The casing has a 100mm or 160mm diameter channel inside, with the correct incline already present.
The fitting of the casing can happen at the beginning of the construction stage when the walls are being erected, or even afterwards, whenever it makes more sense to remove some brickwork/blockwork and install ready-made EPS casing, patching up the brickwork/blockwork afterwards.

  • Integrated channel with outward incline for precise installations
  • The 600mm length can be shortened as required
  • Material: expanded polystyrene (EPS)

Supplied with loose, inner EPS polystyrene filling so that the wall remains completely closed after the fitting of the casing. Once ready for the Ambientika installation, the filling is to be removed.

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100mm, 160mm

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