Tube to Ducting Reveal Converter


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When installing Ambientika, on some occasions, converting from a 160mm tube to a rectangular rigid ducting might be required.
Since it is insulated, the converter is well suited to be used outside, eg. when the outside grill is to be mounted on the window reveal.
Potentially, if a bathroom or a toilet doesn’t have access to an external wall, the converter can also allow extending the outlet (through an adjacent room, if needed). After the installation, a kind of neat boxing can be used to cover the ducting and maintain interior aesthetics (maximum run lengths/minimum incline apply).

The kit consists of:

  • 1 length of PVC rectangular rigid ducting, with a cross-section of 54mm x 216mm, insulated on the outside with a 3mm insulation layer, enlarging the external dimensions to 60mm x 222mm.
    Overall length: 660mm (663mm including insulation) – can be cut to size as required.
    The Spigot end of the ducting features an adapter, converting the ducting into a 160mm tube inlet with a gasket – suitable for connecting 160mm Ambientika models.
  • 1 outside grill, with an external dimension of 75mm x 250mm
  • 1 end cap (providing temporary closure/protection), 54mm x 216mm, made of polystyrene – already fitted to the rectangular end of the ducting (must be removed before mounting the external grill and operating the Ambientika)
  • (optional) additional 90° ducting run when a bend is required. The extra ducting is 616mm long – can be cut to size.

The ducting is to be installed with a 3° incline towards the grille to prevent potential condensed water droplets from accumulating inside it.

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Ducting options

Single ducting run, With additional 90° ducting run

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