Tube Silencer


L=85mm ; 160mm diameter

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Tube Silencer is used for even greater noise reduction of Ambientika ventilators.

The innovative design of Ambientika already achieves noise reduction by 43 dB.

For even greater noise reduction, an optional Silencer can be used – it reduces noise by a further 10.15 dB (A).

To fit the Silencer into the ventilation tube, the minimum wall thickness must be 35cm (not 25cm, as with the regular installations).

The Silencer still allows for potential condensed water droplets to safely pass to the outside.

Recommended use – only when necessary, since it restricts the airflow slightly.

  • Silencer for 160mm diameter ventilation tube, built with 4 layers of PET (20 mm each), glued together for a total thickness of 85 mm
  • Thermo-regulated polyester fibre, certified in class 1/F1 with self-extinguishing protective film, impermeable to water, oil and dust, highly sound-insulating
  • Certified for continuous air passage and for preventing the growth of bacteria and fungi
Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 28 × 19 × 12 cm
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