Space tricks with colours

Did you know that by using colours on specific walls or ceilings you can create an optical illusion and change the perception of the room?

Let’s take a look at some simple solutions:

Existing small rooms

Bright colours always create an illusion of spaciousness.
Smooth, non-porous surfaces reflect light and make us perceive it as larger than it actually is.

Existing narrow rooms

Walls divided horizontally make the room appear wider but also elongate it visually.

Existing low ceilings

Vertical division of walls make the room appear taller but also narrower.
White or bright ceilings help with that impression.

Existing high ceilings

A ceiling painted in a dark colour optically lowers it. This is the simplest solution to make high ceilings appear cosier and to create more intimate settings.

Existing long rooms

Painting the far wall in contrasting dark colour visually brings it towards us and shortens the room.

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