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Colours Psychology

Colours can have a significant influence on us and each colour has different qualities.

Here is what to expect of the specific colours, in terms of their influence on us:




Stimulant prompting to action. May raise the pulse rate.
Warms up the room, grabs your attention. Appears closer than it actually is.
In excess, can induce aggressive behaviour.



Harmonious and natural. May lower pulse rate.
It is the colour of balance, it lowers your stress level and reassures you.
In excess, can indicate stagnation.



Intellectual and relaxing. May help relieve pain.
It cools and calms but may also stimulate your mind. Appears further than it actually is.
In excess, can be impersonal and unfriendly.



The colour of the sun and emotion. May help in healing the spirit.
It boosts confidence and assists in playful behaviour.
In excess, can cause anxiety.



Associated with warmth and food. May improve the work of your digestive system.
It is known to act as an antidepressant.
In excess, often associated with immaturity.



Feminine and tranquilising. May aid in regulating temper.
Being a lighter shade of red, it also stimulates, but gently.
In excess, can be physically draining.



Mysterious and visionary. It may help to combat insomnia and dull the feeling of hunger.
Goes hand in hand with spirituality, it boosts meditation and cleansing.
In excess, can communicate too much introversion and decadence.



Reliability and support. It may soothe and relax the mind.
Relates to earth and the natural world and it is regarded as serious.
In excess, considered pessimistic.



Neutral psychologically.
When used with other colours, it dampens their presence.
In excess, can cause a lack of confidence and energy drain.



Sophisticated, glamorous and mysterious.
Black is the colour of infinity and absorbs all emotions.
It creates the perception of weight. In excess, it acts destructive and menacing.



Efficiency, purity and cleanliness. May aid healing emotional trauma, it refreshes and soothes.
Reflects back to create space. Also, it amplifies the perception of other colours used alongside it.
In excess, can create an environment a little too sterile and barren, almost unfriendly.

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