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General properties

  • Ceramic heat exchanger with a market-leading efficiency of up to 93%
  • Attractive design
  • Extremely low energy consumption
  • Alternating airflow
  • Brushless motor, electronically controlled – mounted behind the heat exchanger for reduced noise
  • Ultra Quiet operation
  • Made of stable, high-quality materials
  • Simplicity of installation with no ducting necessary
  • No drainage for condensed water required
  • Equipped with four sensors: humidity; light; temperature; VOC (volatile organic compound)
  • Options to choose between different settings and programs
  • Controlled speed with a capacity of up to 60 cubic metres per hour
  • Easy to clean filters
  • Suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and living rooms
  • Ability to control via dedicated App
  • Ability to connect to Smart Home automation systems
  • Possibility to interconnect with other units (via home router – internet access required) to force desired airflow patterns throughout the home
  • For external walls from 250mm to 500mm thick, or even from 150mm thick with an optional spacer (with a possibility to extend the tube by up to 3 metres – conditions apply)
  • When a 150mm hole in the external wall is enlarged to 160mm, Ambientika Smart+ can replace an existing 6″ kitchen extractor fan – meaning an upgrade to heat recovery!


Included in the package

  • Main unit with heat exchanger and tube
  • Regular white outer cover
  • Set of two G3 filters
  • installation template
  • Instructions for use


Controlled using the Ambientika app

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Weight 5.9 kg
Dimensions 61 × 26 × 26 cm
Air flow at maximum speed


Efficiency of the ceramic regenerator


Noise level at maximum speed (3m)


Noise level at minimum speed (3m)


Operating temperature

-20°C +50°C

Absorbed power


Filters included


Filtering class EN 779


Power supply

230 Vac – 50 Hz



Soundproofing against external noise

Weighted standard sound level difference Dn,e,w (C;Ctr) = 43 (-2;-4) dB

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