UK Decor – home refurbishment & bespoke decorative solutions

UK Decor specialises in home refurbishment projects, full or partial renovations and bespoke decorative applications.
We are a team of dedicated professionals committed to achieving the highest quality finish and 100% customer satisfaction in all our projects.

Our company operates in two main areas:

Full property refurbishments or partial renovations

We undertake projects ranging from bathroom renovation or kitchen fitting to full home refurbishment including turn-key projects, residential or commercial.

Tailored, bespoke decorative solutions

We can achieve stunning effects using a variety of plasters, decorative pastes and paints or wallpapers.

Aside from obvious aesthetical benefits, there are other reasons to upgrade your property:

It is no secret that skilfully applied classy, decorative effects will bring up the overall value of the property significantly.

Investment properties
If you own a property to let, why not maximise your financial return by attracting more demanding tenants?

Getting this distinguished look for your premises can make all the difference and set your business apart from the competition.

Why choose us:


We devote ourselves to your project completely. We will not rest until you are fully satisfied and all the detailing is finished at the highest quality. Being a small company, we form a personal relation with the customer so communication is straightforward and uncomplicated.


We work as a team of professionals who know the trade and each other for years. There are no unpredictable subcontractors on site. This guarantees the highest quality of work.


We are not new to the trade. Every member of the team has a 10+ years of experience under the belt.
The decorative team is certified and trained at the manufacturer’s or their distributor’s facilities, adding assurance of quality to our work.

Check our offer to see what we can do for you, or simply contact us for a quotation or advice.