Refurbishment – the easy way (if there ever is one).

Whenever UK Decor takes on a full or a partial refurbishment project, the first thing we do is to visualise the whole process and “look for trouble”. While this approach may not be perceived as positive or may even earn us a pessimist’s of the year award, there’s one thing such approach does better than any other: it enables us to prepare for eventualities which might escape some of our less thorough colleagues.

With that in mind, we follow the tasks one by one, exploring possible complications, impact on the rest of the site’s environment, services, neighbours, or, if the partial works are carried out with the occupants living in, the occupants themselves.

Health and safety is one of our top priorities during the performance of our decorating services!

Then, it is the time to form a “plan of action”: what are the best materials for the job; how to ensure the works withstand the test of time; could the works be done in a more efficient way, and so on.

Once we have a go ahead from the client, it’s a show time. Upon arriving on the site we organise ourselves bearing in mind all of the points mentioned above. When the works starts, we tend to avoid a blast of a ubiquitous Heart FM on the radio and focus our attention on the job at hand. Communications and dedication can do wonders as we have proven time after time after time.

Unsurprisingly, we’re having a hard time trying to recall an unhappy customer – it doesn’t seem there is one as of yet!

If you have a refurbishment in mind and if you value a piece of mind rather than a false economy – do get in touch and see what UK Decor can do for you!