Our offer includes not only textured coatings and paints, but also state-of-the-art, modern wall decorating solutions, such as Fibreglass wallpapers (also known as Toile de Verre) and so called Japanese Liquid Wallpaper also known as Cotton Plaster – decorative wall or ceiling covering based on natural cotton fibres. Those technologically advanced materials are both beautiful and durable and give you an opportunity to decorate your walls and ceilings in an extraordinary way.

To give you one example of unique solutions we use in our wallpapering services, we want to tell you something about…

Fibreglass Wallpaper

Fibreglass wallpaperFirst thing you need to know is its properties. It is extremely durable, with the added bonus of decorative texture. It is also anti-static and anti-allergic, non-flammable and resistant to abrasion which means that finished surfaces can be cleaned (or even washed) with ease.

Another advantage of the Fibreglass Wallpaper system is that it is successfully used for preventing wall cracks coming through, hence many installations particularly in loft conversions and any areas prone to wall cracks. Used alongside specific moisture-stop products it can even be applied in bathrooms inside shower cubicles and around bath tubs!

The product comes in different texture styles: Herringbone; Fine Sack; Coarse Sack. Wallpaper is usually painted over when the main line of work is finished. Due to its versatility it is widely used in residential as well as commercial properties. We can safely recommend this state-of-the-art technology.

As you can see, when it comes to wall decor and wallpapering, we know a lot and we have skills and materials to do anything you wish!