Decorative and Polished Plaster

Plaster covering of walls and ceilings is tried and sure way to redecorate your interior. Our unique approach to plastering can give you a lot of ideas for your own designs, as we can create everything, from simple, smooth surfaces to more sophisticated works. Furthermore, our materials are eco-friendly and resistant to damage.

Decorative plaster and polished plaster are ideal solutions both for commercial and private properties.

Our interior decorating company is able to prepare and install it in no time, it is very easy to maintain and you can choose from a huge variety of templates and colours to suit your own, personal design idea. You can see some of the many products (both smooth, polished plasters as well as textured plasters, to conform to as many decorating styles as possible) in our offer in our product galleries. And one more thing worth mentioning –  as environment-friendly company, we have eco plaster, so if you’re eco-concious, you don’t have to worry about harmful materials!