Eco decor & Eco Painting

Logo EcolabelWe are ecologically conscious and as such, we offer environment friendly solutions for those who care about our habitat. Products marked with Ecolabel certification seal are safe and do not pose any hazard to nature and your own health. Those materials are recommended not only for eco-adherents, but for all customers who value both high quality and safety.

What are the main characteristics of eco materials we use?

  • Environment friendly production

    All eco products in our offer are manufactured with utmost care for the environment, without any harmful emissions and waste that could be deemed unsafe.

  • Waste reduction

    Containers and products themselves are easier to recycle than standard equivalents.

  • Safe refurbishment and wall decorating 

    Eco materials we use are completely safe and do not endanger your health. They are especially great for decorating children rooms, as you can be sure your kids will sleep and play without worrying for their wellbeing.

  • Easy to use and clean

    Eco products in our catalogue are very easy to dispose of from painter’s brushes, rollers and other equipment with water and soap, without harmful chemicals and solvents. (biodegradable)