Our Offer

Home refurbishment and full or partial renovations

  • Refurbishment services

    We perform our refurbishment services in and around London area. Projects range from partial renovations, like kitchen fitting or home network installation to a complete turn-key projects.
    We undertake residential as well as commercial projects.
    All our work is to the highest standard and is guaranteed. Upon completing an electrical or a plumbing installation, a relevant paperwork and certification is provided.

Bespoke decorative solutions

UK Decor is proud to be at the forefront of a new generation of professionals, specialising in applying bold new range of stunning decorative effects.
We have combined the best of the best of European leading manufacturers’ products and decided to stack them up against each other for your benefit.
We use Italian, Polish and Scandinavian products in order to achieve the ultimate finish.

  • Decorative Plaster

    Decorative Plaster creates a fashionable and distinguished surface. It can compliment antique as well as modern interiors. Natural minerals are classy and eco-friendly.

  • Eco Painting

    Ecological matters and care for environment are the most important rules in our book – we know how crucial it is to use as much eco-friendly paints and other decorating materials as possible, so our customers can feel safe and don’t have to worry about the damage they deal to their habitat – beacuase there is no danger whatsoever if you use tested and certified products! We are proud proponents of ecological solutions in construction, decoration and refurbishment.

  • Textured Coating

    Textured coating is another smart way to decorate your walls. What is more, the nature of textured wall coatings makes them literally unique every time we use them, so you can be sure that your idea for home decor is completely unique – customisation options and variety of different coatings gives you an opportunity to create a design that won’t be find anywhere else.

  • Wallpapering

    Wallpapers are a classic, yet still viable solution for wall decoration. Furthermore, due to modern, advanced technologies used in home decor, wallpapers of old can be forgotten – nowadays they are not only beautiful, but extremely durable, customisable and are a great choice not only for those who choose classic interior designs, but also for contemporary spaces!